How to write a Letter to Bank Manager to Close Bank Account

When it comes to closing a personal bank account, there are certain formalities to comply with. No bank is willing to lose customers and bankers usually try to talk you out of it. However, certain circumstances arise when you have no option but to close your account of having one account too many or if you are relocating elsewhere and have no need for the bank account that you have.

The following formalities need to be observed when you are closing your bank account:


  • You need to inform the bank manager by way of a letter of your intention to close the account. The said letter must have the bank manager’s name and bank branch address, date, your account number, present residential address, e-Mail ID , telephone number and signature on it. The signature should be similar to that which is registered with the bank already.


  • In the subject line, mention savings bank account closure.


  • The CIF number may also be mentioned but is not mandatory.


  • The body of your letter must state why you are closing your current or savings account. This may range from dissatisfaction with the bank’s services, relocation to a different city, inability to operate the account for lack of funds or even for more efficient financial management.


  • The letter should also mention that your cheque book, pass-book, ATM-Debit and/or credit card is being surrendered and returned to the bank. A polite request to the bank manager to expedite the matter always helps in closing the job faster.


  • In case your KYC details were not submitted to the bank earlier, the bank may ask for photo identity and/or address proofs, which you may have to submit at the time of closure.

Keep all the above mentioned documents handy so that the closure process does not get unnecessarily delayed because of your inability to furnish these required documents when required.


1. Letter to bank manager for closing savings account (Sample One)



The Manager                                                                                Phone No:
ABC Bank                                                                                    Mobile No:
25 XYZ Road                                                                                e-Mail ID :

Kolkata – 700029.                                                                        Date:


Dear Sir,

Re: Closure of S/B Account No (Mention your account no)

I would like to close the above mentioned account held with your branch since (Mention date of opening) with immediate effect as I am getting transferred to New Delhi, effective next month and will have no further requirement for the same. Kindly arrange to pay me the available balance in the aforesaid account after deduction of bank/locker charges, if any.

It has been my pleasure to be associated with your bank for over ten years now and I have always appreciated your efficient services and kind courtesies extended to me whenever I have visited your branch.   Should I return to Kolkata in the foreseeable future, it shall be my pleasure to open a new account with your branch once again.

I am surrendering my unused cheque book and ATM Card according to the rules of your bank. Kindly acknowledge receipt of the same.

An early action at your end would be highly appreciated.


Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(Your name in BLOCK LETTERS)


2. Letter to bank manager for closing savings account (Sample Two)



Your Name

Your Residential Address

Telephone No:

Mobile No:

e-Mail ID:


The Branch Manager, 
(Bank Name)

Date: ____________


Dear Sir,

Re: Request for closure of Savings Bank Account No ___________.

This is to inform you that I have the abovementioned Savings Account No. ____________ with your branch. This is my pension account and I regrettably inform you that my pension has been transferred to another bank vide the recent Central Government directive. Therefore, I shall not be in a position to continue operating the same.

Under the aforementioned circumstances, I would request you to kindly close the aforesaid Account No. ____________ and also arrange for withdrawal of the balance amount, preferably  in cash that is currently standing in the Account along with up-to-date interest. Also, I am surrendering  my cheque book containing  (Mention Number of Cheque leaves) leaves bearing serial numbers ____________ to ____________ along with the requisition slip as also the Pass Book for necessary cancellation.

Please note that my KYC details have already been submitted to your branch and hence, will not be required to be submitted afresh.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

(Your Name in Block Letters)


3. Letter to bank manager for closing savings account (Sample Three)


Your Residential Address
Phone No:
Mobile No:
e-Mail ID: Date:



The Manager
State Bank of India
147A XYZ Road
Kolkata – 700034.


Dear Sir,


Re: S/B Account No (Mention your account no) closure.


I have been an account holder with your branch since (Mention date) and this was my salary account. However, I am retiring from my present job with effect from (Mention date)  and regret to inform that I shall no longer be having any use for it.

Moreover, on completion of service, I shall be relocating to (Mention name of place) with effect from (Mention date) and hereby request you to kindly close the aforesaid account with immediate effect. Enclosed please also find my unused cheque book, pass book for cancellation and all necessary KYC documents required to complete the procedure at the earliest. The outstanding balance currently standing to the account may please be paid to me by cash on completion of the closure procedure.

Please feel free to contact me for further clarifications, if any.


Thanking you,

 Yours faithfully,

 (Your name in Block Letters)

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